Free glass loan

When placing a party order for wine or beer you are eligible to take advantage of our free 24 hour glass loan service. A refundable £25 deposit per case against loss or breakage is required. Glasses will be provided washed but not polished and we prefer them to be returned clean and ready for re-use. If they are not, a cleaning charge of £2.50 per dozen will apply.Glasses are only available when you buy wine and beer befitting the loan (i.e. 12 bottles of wine would entitle you to borrow 72 glasses).


Case size and replacement charge
24 wine goblets per case £3.50 each
48 sherry glasses per case £2.50 each
24 half pint sleeves per case £3.00 each
36 half pint mugs per case £3.00 each
24 flutes per case £2.50 each
15 one pint sleeves per case £3.50 each
24 one pint mugs per case £3.50 each