Gift packaging

1 bottle economy gift bag

Finished with a rustic, contemporary kraft matte paper texture and sturdy strong handles. £2.49

1 bottle gift bag

Single wine bottle gift bag with matching gift tag and rope handles. Available in a range of designs. £2.99

2 bottle gift carton

Two bottle gift carton with a built in handle and removable divider. Available in a range of designs. £3.49


3 bottle gift carton

Three bottle carton with built in handle and removable dividers. Available in a range of designs. £3.99


Polysafe postal pack

One-bottle transit pack consisting of a polystyrene inner tube that holds a bottle securely in place and a cardboard outer postal sleeve. It accomodates a standard 75cl bottle of wine or champagne. The maximum bottle size is 90 x 316mm.  £3.99


6 and 12 bottle gift cartons

Gift cartons designed to hold six or 12 standard bottles of wine or champagne. We have a variety of designs and patterns. 100% recyclable. From £6.99 for six bottle or £8.99 for 12 bottle carton